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From June 16 – 26 2023 we are going to film our documentary Baltic Healing in Latvia. We are very excited and could still use some support! Every donation is appreciated. Thank you so much!
Or directly to my bank account: Andrea Lötscher IBAN DE74 4306 0967 4044 3041 00 BIC GENODEM1GLS

Along the shore of the Baltic Sea and the large rivers flowing into it, the culture of the ancient Balts has thrived for thousands of years. Living a secluded life in the forests, they have preserved their ancient wisdom.

Unlike in most other European countries, in Latvia the ancient healing traditions have not been lost. They were kept alive in the past and were revived after the country restored its independence from Russian occupation in 1992. Nowadays the ancient healing traditions are thriving again. There is a tradition of old songs and incantations. And a rich knowledge of herbs, teas and other plant medicines. Latvia’s sauna rituals are unique and powerful. And the connection to the land, to the natural cycles and to the wheel of the year have re-connected many Latvians with nature, with each other and with themselves.

In our documentary film we want to take you on a journey to the land where this ancient tradition of healing is still alive. So you can expand your consciousness, and re-connect to the sacred Cosmos, to the Earth Mother, to Nature, and your self. This is the way to true healing.

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